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Empowering Agri Food Entrepreneurs in Ukraine: Successful implementation GoToBusiness 2.0 Programme

The conclusion of the GoToBusiness 2.0 programme, held from October 13, 2023, to November 8, 2023, marks the end of a rewarding two-month journey. With 80 participants actively engaged, a dozen workshops conducted, and a dedicated 1.5-week preparation period for presentations to the jury, the program provided fresh perspectives and opportunities for meaningful connections. The initiative culminated in the recognition of 7 winners.

15 Dec 2023
EIT Food North & East

The GoToBusiness Programme was introduced as a unique opportunity for individuals with innovative business ideas in the agri-food sector. Aimed at providing practical guidance, knowledge-sharing, fostering competition, and expanding networks, the programme promised to equip participants with the tools needed to transform innovative concepts into thriving businesses.

The programme engaged a diverse cohort of 80 participants who delved into a dozen workshops across two comprehensive bootcamps. Bootcamp #1 set the foundation, covering crucial aspects such as entrepreneurship from scratch, structuring business presentations, lean ideation, and crafting effective business models. Bootcamp #2 delved into advanced topics like marketing strategies, financial management, investment avenues, grants, and the art of pitching – essential skills for any aspiring agri-food entrepreneur. The programme culminated in the recognition of seven outstanding winners, each embodying the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

The highlight of the programme was undoubtedly the Pitch session, where participants showcased their innovative ideas to a jury comprised of industry and business experts The jury, a panel of esteemed professionals from various sectors related to agri-food, diligently evaluated each presentation based on predefined criteria.

  • Andriy Yanchuk: Member of the Board of the National Foodservice Organization
  • Ganna Gustova: Expert in Agri Food and Food Ecosystems Management
  • Mariia Romanova: CEO of Radar Tech
  • Denys Hlushko: Co-owner of ASG, expert in Agri Food and Product Owner at Ark-Robotic
  • Oleg Pryhodko: Coordinator of Farmet a.s. in Ukraine (Farmet a.s.)
  • Sviatoslav Sviatnenko: Chairman of the Board and CEO at Innovate

The program culminated in the recognition of seven outstanding winners, each embodying the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial excellence. Undoubtedly, GoToBusiness 2.0 has emerged as a central hub for supporting individuals in launching their own businesses and achieving notable success.

"The GoToBusiness programme not only provides valuable inspiration and education but also fosters meaningful connections, which, in my opinion as a participant, is a crucial aspect of its impact”

- the participant Oksana.

The GotoBusiness programme would not have been possible without the expertise and guidance of mentors. A huge thank you to Bohdan Kryvitskyi, Oleg Koss, Oksana Krykun, Sasha Reminnyi, Anastasiia Korsak, Dmytro Mashtalir, Valerii Iakovenko, Serhiy Kornyliuk, Anton Shulyk, Sviatoslav Sviatnenko, Iurii Blavt, Olena Skyrta, Mariia Romanova, Anastasia Sylenok, Andrey Khantil, Anna Gustova, Andriy Yanchuk, Hlushko Denys, and Oleg Prykhodko.

We express our sincere appreciation to all participants for investing your time, energy, innovative ideas, and impactful solutions. Each of you fills us with pride, and we extend our best wishes for your continued success! We're really looking forward to everyone joining our next programmes!

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