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EIT Food launches a new edition of the Journalism Awards in Spain, Italy and Portugal

This edition of 2022 will keep focusing on recognizing the work of journalists who are generating awareness on the topic of innovation and sustainability in the agrifood field, along with the divulgation and spread of EIT's core values.

06 Apr 2022
EIT Food South


Given the good reception of the previous edition, once again Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese journalists will have the chance to have their work recognised with a cash price of 1500€ and the runner up with 700€ per country. The winners will be announced at a public event before the end of 2022. This will be the 4th year that EIT is organizing this project in Spain, the 3rd in Italy and the 2nd in Portugal. The Award represents support for the journalist's activity, a stimulus for other new actions, and a boost for their public image as a benchmark for good journalistic practices. The goal of this awards is not only to promote good habits and healthy initiatives to society, but also to generate collaborative relationships with the media and value the objectives for which EIT Food was created. 

The agrifood field strives for an increase in sustainability and reliability in the system and one of the key points of the process is the collaboration with consumers. Dissemination and awareness of a sizeable public is crucial, and the media plays a big role in achieving the access to this group. This is why EIT Food wants to reward journalists in Spain, Italy and Portugal for their important role in this process of educating the audience.  

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