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The final seminar on EIT Food Taste2Meat project

The final seminar of two projects committed to sustainable food system development: Business Finland EXPRO (2019-2022) and EIT Food TASTE2MEAT (2020-2022).

30 Sep 2022
EIT Food North & East

Climate change, natural resource scarcity and a fast-growing world population are threatening our access to nutritious, safe and affordable food. The protein supply is in this respect the most critical, and in line with the EU’s protein self-sufficiency actions, we should move towards a more plant-based food system. There is huge and untapped potential for the development of appealing meat product alternatives.

Come and listen to the final dissemination seminar from two projects committed to sustainable food system development: Business Finland EXPRO (2019-2022) and EIT Food TASTE2MEAT (2020-2022).


Contributes to a zero-waste and sustainable food system by upcycling sunflower press-cake as a protein ingredient and designing both hybrid and solely plant-based tasty meat alternatives for European consumers.

Business Finland EXPRO

The project focuses on globally relevant protein-rich side streams and raw materials produced in Finland as well as clean label ingredient processes (dry processing, thermo-mechanical processes, fermentation, and enzymes) to achieve optimal sensory and techno-functional properties for meat alternatives.

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