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Discover the newest agritech innovations: Test Farms Demo Day

On 9th December we will find out what our 2021 and 2022 cohorts have developed and how they are contributing to the technological transformation in European agriculture together with EIT Food partners.

18 Nov 2022

Test Farms Demo Day is part of Test Farms, a programme of EIT Food - the world’s largest and most dynamic food innovation community that accelerates innovation to build a future-fit food system that produces healthy and sustainable food for all.

Test Farms programme offers support for entrepreneurs that aim to introduce a sustainable innovation to agriculture. The main purpose is to connect startups willing to test and validate their innovative products or services on location, with farmers eager to learn about the latest agritech innovations. 

On 9th December startups from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine will give 5 minutes pitches on their innovative technologies that facilitate work on farms and introduce solutions for real industry issues. All participants will have a chance to participate in Q&A sessions with pitching startups.

Pitching startups:

(CZ) – Biochar of the future - MicroCHAR is the sustainable future!

(UA) – Solution that collects agronomical and machinery data online, transforming it into valuable analytics for farmers.

Insignes Labs
(PL) – Tailor-made solutions for agriculture to minimize losses in key crops and maximize farms profitability.

(PL) – Boosting productivity of farming through the power of oxygen. Sensor
(CZ) – Plant disease identification powered by machine learning.

(PL) – Zero-emission energy from corn waste with a positive side effect of the production of biochar.

Smapp Lab
(HU) - Large-scale insect monitoring and early alert system to use pesticides in an efficient way.

Spacecrop Technologies
(HU) – Agricultural software that helps farms manage irrigation and provides detailed weather forecasting and crop condition insights using satellite data and AI.

Ribes Technologies
(PL) – Smart protection of berry plantations that limits the use of pesticides.

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