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Consumption trends and consumers expectations

This report aims to understand and raise awareness of future trends in the food sector, more specifically in healthy foods.

01 Oct 2020
EIT Food South

AHFES, a European project funded by the Atlantic Area programme, aims to improve the overall competitiveness and growth of SMEs in the value chain of healthy food & lifestyles by contributing to enhancing a transnational innovation ecosystem that helps SMEs access to knowledge, partners and markets and align their products and services to consumer needs and expectations. 

It counts on the collaboration of 8 project partners to work on these challenges: Clúster Alimentario de Galicia, EIT Food South, BIC Innovation, InovCluster - Associação do Cluster Agroindustrial do Centro, Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr.Ricardo Jorge, National University of Ireland Galway, Association du Pole de Competivite VALORIAL and Northern Ireland Food & Drink Association. EIT Food South has an important role in supporting the analysis of current trends and best practices on cooperation for innovation and growth in the Atlantic area, and in the design and implementation of innovation trainings for SMEs. 

AHFES have produced an insight into the strategies and tools to improve healthy food and lifestyles policies. Building on a literature review and information about the existing regional strategies and policies collected by each project partner, where EIT Food South has participated.

This report provides an analysis and understanding of future trends in the food sector and more specifically in healthy foods looking at the nature of changes in consumers’ preferences and patterns of food consumption, which will directly influence the process of product development and its acceptance by the consumer. Exploring the changes that occur in an individual’s eating patterns that are the result of several factors, including demographics, urbanization, lifestyle, the individual and the social determinants.

Key learnings have been analysed and are summarised in the following document:

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