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Challenge Labs Central-Eastern Europe 2022

The workshops were carried out in the form of a Design Sprint lasting from 29 September to 15 October, during which the project teams took part in sessions and design meetings moderated by experts in the field of Design Thinking and Service design and ended with investor presentations of their solutions.

07 Nov 2022
EIT Food North-East

76 participants from 12 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia) divided into 11 teams took part in this edition of Challenge Labs CEE. 20 industry experts mentored the teams and helped them find answers to industry-related questions.

Congratulations to the winning teams!

1st Place - Team “ProBio” (team members: Tea Sedlar, Jelena Vujetić, Danka Dragojlovic, Dorota Borowiecka Ivana Pajčin) presented the idea for the alternative protein product sourced from plums called PlumPro.

2nd Place - Team “Shroomies” (team members: Dóra Tarjányi, Anna Maksymowicz, Karolina Chodkowska, Akvilė Banytė, Deimantė Misiukonytė, Szabolcs Elek) presented their idea for a complex urban vertical farm in the city.

3rd Place - Team “Taste me, don't waste me” (team members: Katrin Jõgi, Patricia Blažič, Martins Pudelis, Mojca Hrabar, Eimantas Kiseliovas) presented the idea for the environmentally friendly method for beverage sampling.

An atmosphere of creativity, great commitment and great energy are behind the results of this project! Thanks to the Generator Pomysłów team for their efficient and professional organisation and the mentors for their substantive input and invaluable help to the teams in developing their ideas!

The activity was targeted to agrifood professionals, entrepreneurs, food producers, agrifood early-stage startups or idea holders, master and doctoral students, farmers, FMCG employees, agrifood scientists, business professionals from areas such as business, marketing, finance, and IT.

The objective of the workshops was to design solutions for agrifood challenges using design thinking methodology.

The Challenge Labs CEE 2022 was sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company.

Challenges tackled during workshops

  • Team 1: Concept for the new beverage packaging that will allow consumers to use it on the go
  • Team 2: Concept for the new beverage/beverage packaging for festive seasons
  • Team 3: An environmentally friendly method for beverage sampling (waste-free / fully circular to avoid single-use sampling cups)
  • Team 4: Concept for a beverage/drinking product that will allow meeting the changing needs of young adults
  • Team 5: The future of flavoured water - how to bring more health & wellness to the most popular drink?
  • Team 6 & Team 7 & Team 10: How to use regional resources / raw materials (CEE region) to produce alternative protein products?
  • Team 8 & Team 9 & Team 11: Concept for a personalised product for seniors that meets their nutrient needs, is affordable and environmentally friendly

About Generator Pomysłów

Generator Pomysłów has been a business creativity centre for 9 years. The scope of our activity starts with the development of the skills of creative thinking and creative problem solving of employees, through the development and support of entire teams in achieving the best results, to the implementation of systemic solutions for the productivity of employees and building a culture supporting the innovativeness of the entire organisation.

If you want to find out more about the unique projects we carry out for our clients, please visit our website.

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