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Bilbao Hub FAN & Seedbed applications are open!

Startups will have the opportunity to join the world’s largest and most dynamic food innovation community and receive continuous support from other like-minded entrepreneurs.

02 Feb 2023
EIT Food South

EIT Food Entrepreneurship Programmes have been designed to launch, accelerate and scale impactful agrifood startups to solve global food system challenges and deliver new food innovations and businesses across Europe.

A powerful ecosystem that facilitates training programmes, world-class networking, high impact pilot projects industry events and a community supporting entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey. 

Applications are open until 26th of March

Seedbed Incubator

Seedbed Incubator is for aspiring Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Scientists and engineers interested in learning entrepreneurial skills and testing their innovation concept with real customers in agrifood markets across Europe, to create a validated business plan with high-impact potencial to transform the food system.

Seedbed aims to commercialise science and technology based on innovations that have the potencial to solve the world´s most pressing agrifood challenges. Establish if there’s a viable market need for your innovation & evaluate the scale of its commercial potential!

Our Seedbed Incubator programme addresses the critical challenge of non-communicable disseases and poor nutrition, through "Healthier lives through food" mission. Access the world’s largest food innovation network, with 160+ industry, academic and corporate partners in 26+ European countries, and 200+ experts and mentors.

We will make a difference on the health of the society by enabling more consumers to make better choices through access to healthier products and actionable information.

Bilbao FAN Accelerator

FAN Accelerator is for registered (pre-)seed startups with traction indicators looking for tech validation and business acceleration to drive the ultimate goal - a successful market adoption.

The EIT Food Accelerator Network programme delivered in Bilbao aims to develop the science, technologies and knowledge needed to support a resilient food system through carbon zero farming and regenerative agriculture. We accelerate agrifood tech startups, validate their technology and offer training, education, coaching, mentoring, investment opportunities and access to the world’ largest food innovation community.

Bilbao's Achieving Carbon Zero Farming themed EIT Food Accelerator Network programme stimulates innovation, knowledge and the development of new economic, environmental and social approaches. From carbon monitoring tools, precision agriculture to improving livestock breeding, soil health, biodiversity, water quality and nutrient cycling, we support startup and innovations that help to develop more sustainable agricultural practices and food distribution systems.

RaisingFoodStars Programme

RaisingFoodStars is for impact-driven aspiring sacleups looking for to succesfully upscale their commercial capabilities, whether is it expanding beyong your current market(s), raising funds or gaining new commercial partners.

It offers personalised scaleup support, such as helping startups to define their strategic priorities, attract the right talent, build leadership and management capabilities, crytalise their business model and much more.

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