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10 Italian entrepreneurs selected for the third edition of EWA Programme in Italy

EIT Food, in collaboration with Future Food Institute, launches Empowering Women in Agrifood Programme for Italian women entrepreneurs in the agrifood sector.

18 Jun 2024
EIT Food South

For the third consecutive year, EWA - Empowering Women in Agrifood, has been launched in Italy by EIT Food, with the support of the Future Food Institute.

EWA represents a concrete path where ten talented female innovators will have the opportunity to undertake a six-month-long training programme aimed at creating business solutions designed and implemented entirely by women. The goal is to unlock the extraordinary potential of female entrepreneurship, promoting inclusivity and diversity among business founders and increasing the number of startups founded by women.

Meet the 10 Selected Entrepreneurs for the EWA Programme in Italy:

  • Giulia Costantini - MagicFood: MagicFood is an interactive device designed to create healthy eating habits in children that they will maintain into adulthood. To achieve this, it combines various proven psychological principles. It is intended for children aged 3 to 9 years and it can be purchased by parents, schools, nutrition professionals.
  • Claudia Guidi - NuHpro: Nuhpro It is an Open innovation project based on our registered trademark Swee-thy. We formulate innovative products for sports and junior nutrition for the treatment and prevention of a combination of intolerances and pathologies (lactose intolerance, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems).
  • Antonella Bellina - Alma Serum: Antonella and her team have created an innovative process that, under license, allows the treatment of whey waste by transforming it into sustainable products in the cosmetic and biomedical sectors. They have invented and patent patches and masks with the electrospinning production technique using whey directly in liquid form. Thanks to the extraordinary small size of the electrospinning machines, it will be possible to install real mini-production chains directly at the dairy factories.
  • Mara Verri - Ager_Tech: AgerTech is an agricultural management tool on WhatsApp. It performs data entry automatically and answers questions about farm, labels, and tenders in seconds thanks to proprietary ML algorithms.
  • Sofie Christel Dirk Kornelia Van Besien - SoGut: SoGüt is a refreshing, probiotic-rich water kefir that enhances gut health using surplus local fruits and herbs. We create unique flavors, leveraging their natural properties to ensure it's "SoGüt" for the mind, body, and … gut.
  • Deborha Decorti - NADEX: NADEX aims to develop a natural extraction chain production using natural solvents made by innovative knowledge able to create products useful within dietary supplement and cosmetic industry.
  • Ira Sulejmeni - Clearchain: Clearchain is a blockchain-based, AI-powered tracking system that allows agri-food companies to track in real time that the quality and freshness of their products are maintained throughout the delivery process, avoiding loss and waste.
  • Valentina Grasso - Orto Collettivo: This project's goal is to support farms and reduce rural areas abandonment. Create an organism to support local farms to have workers, manage social media, improve the sales and create community.
  • Tarika Cintra - Diversa.Bio: Diversa.Bio aims to change the agricultural landscape in Italy by reintroducing and promoting the use of italian neglected edible plants, using their natural resilience to create a sustainable and climate-resilient food supply chain.
  • Elizabeth Rose Cox - Growing Greener: Growing Greener establishes an 'eco hub' in one of Cilento's depopulating town to host workshops, community gardening, and courses, reconnecting people with food, earth, and community.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress and achievements of these remarkable entrepreneurs as they embark on their EWA journey!

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