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Bulgaria is currently the biggest producer of lavender and rose oil in the world.

Bulgaria has rich natural biodiversity and a significant share of high nature value farmlands and permanent grassland that contribute to preserving biodiversity. The country is renowned for sheep's milk cheese, oriental tobacco, wine, rose attar (used in perfumery), vegetables, fruit, medicinal herbs, and, particularly, natural yogurt. The temperate climate, abundant arable land, and soil conditions support the farming of both livestock and crops (grains, oil seeds, sugar beets, vegetables, grapes, fruit). Tobacco is among the most important of Bulgaria's crops, contributing nearly 20 percent to the value of agricultural goods.

Bulgaria is the homeland of yogurt. It has a long and storied history that is said to date back at least 4000 years. Bulgarians call their yoghurt “sour milk” and they think it’s what makes them live long lives.

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