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Workshop: empowering Serbian students with needed skills for the digital economy

Thu, September 14, 2023
until Fri, September 15, 2023
online and in Startit Center Belgrade

Join our workshop to find out how you can build better connections, improve your communication and other soft skills, present yourself in the best light on platforms like LinkedIn, and improve your chances of getting a job.


We’ll go into specifics on best practices of building and maintaining a professional network, how to develop and exercise soft skills, how to make actionable changes to your social profiles to maximize their effectiveness, and more.

Is this event for you?


This event is open to college graduates, master students, PhD students and young professionals seeking to improve their prospects on the job market or improve critical skills. If you’re looking for your first job and are unsure what to do and how best to present yourself, or if you’re interested in improving your prospects of finding better employment, then join us for this series of lectures and workshops.


In the first segment of the workshop, we will talk about the importance of building personal networks, and hold a workshop on simple steps on how to systematically approach network building, from skills such as mapping relevant industry events, key stakeholders, setting goals and maintaining a database of contacts and interactions, and much more.


The second segment of the event will deal with the importance of soft skills, how to develop them along with useful mental models and exercises, while the third segment will cover the importance of social networks as a means of presenting and furthering your business prospects, which will include interactive segments and concrete steps on how to improve a Linkedin profile so that it is more attractive to recruiters and better reflects a candidate’s qualities and advantages.


Apart from the official programme, the workshops will include networking sessions and other opportunities for fostering ties and links between participants and lecturers, furthering the capacity and competencies that the workshops covered.





The language of the event is Serbian.

More detailed agenda and the joining link will be delivered to participants prior to the event.


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