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South Summit Madrid 2023

Wed, June 7, 2023
La Nave Madrid (C. Cifuentes, 5, 28021 Madrid, Spain)

Connect with experts in innovation from all over the world at the South Summit in Madrid. More information will come soon, stay tuned!

EIT Food will be joining this year’s South Summit, one of the most relevant events for entrepreneurs, corporations and investors that want to generate business and shape the future. The summit will gather the world’s leading companies, startups and institutions that are working to accelerate innovation within different sectors, between the 7th and 9th of June, at La Nave (Madrid, Spain).

It’s 2030 and we have reached one of humanity’s all-time greatest milestones; a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 2030 is a critical turning point on our road to a net zero economy and a milestone we cannot miss. Join us at South Summit where we will travel to the future, to 2030, to learn and be inspired by our future selves who have made every sacrifice, taken every tough decision, and adapted and innovated along the way to meet this goal. It’s taken collaboration, creativity, ingenuity, and some luck, but we’ve made it. Come learn about the technologies and the disruptors who made the difference. Let’s navigate this future together, as we won’t get a second chance.

The Future is here, be part of it and make sure it´s the Future you want. 

On the 8th of June at 17:00 CET in the Playground Stage, EIT Food will be participating in a round table about 'Sustainable Investing: ESG in Agrifood'. Amparo de San Jose, Entrepreneurship Programme Manager at EIT Food, will share the stage with other speakers such as Mariya Konstantinova, CFO at Agrana; Igor de la Sota, General Partner at Cardugen; and Mark Durno, Managing Partner at Rockstar. 

TODAY 2023: Tracks

  1. ClimaTech. Let’s utilise innovation and our creativity to save the planet with conscious investments, gigacorns, ESG metrics and more. 
  2. Nurturing Economy. Companies need to rethink how they build, adapt and contribute to reach Net Zero by 2030. 
  3. Data & Digitisation. Explore the power of data on industries and our society in terms of transparency, ethics, etc., to create a better and more collaborative future. 
  4. Innovation & Ecosystem. Learn together how to collaborate with all the actors in the ecosystem, create opportunities and invest in what future generations deserve. 
  5. Future of Money. Fintech in 2030 will go beyond finances. We are facing a wave of solutions that are restructuring the financial system as we understand it.
  6. Industry 5.0. Through construction, robotics, data, logistics and transport, we are redefining the structures that will transcend us.
  7. Humanity. 2030 will be human-centred. We need a wise development of societies, considering all aspects.
  8. Energy Transition. We are powering up through clean energy, we have accelerated decentralization, and industry decarbonisation, and provided sustainable and accessible energy for all.
  9. Agritech & Food. Let’s explore the entire cycle of Agritec. Regenerating our ecosystem is crucial to genuinely feed coming generations and growing populations.
  10. Health. Data, Robotics, IoT, Digitalisation are restructuring a more decentralized and accessible health system in 2030.


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Wed, June 7, 2023 at 9:00 am
La Nave Madrid (C. Cifuentes, 5, 28021 Madrid, Spain)

Sustainable Development Goals

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


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