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Nati00ns Thematic Event: Gender and Agrifood

Thu, January 11, 2024
until Thu, January 11, 2024

In its second round, EIT Food organises the 2nd Nati00ns Thematic Event focusing on gender and the agrifood system. The event will take place online on 11 January 2024 from 10.00 to 11.30. During the course of the day, two objectives within the EU Mission: A Soil Deal for Europe will be addressed: conserve soil organic carbon stock and improve soil literacy in society.

The EIT Food team will use this day to explain Nati00ns and introduce influential women in the agrifood system. All kinds of female voices will be heard, from experts in the sector to women entrepreneurs who are seeing their business grow. Get to meet and interact with key female stakeholders whose work contributes to the mission of transitioning to healthy soils by 2030. Throughout the event, topics such as regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, soil health and other hot topics will be discussed. 

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Part 1: Keynote Speakers

10.00-10.05 | Welcome and introduction to Nati00ns

Nestor Etxaleku and Paula Hafner - EIT Food

10.05-10.15 | The role of agrifood in soild and healthy eating

10.15-10.25 | Agriwoman: the female presence in the agrifood system

10.25-10.30 | Introduction to EWA Programme

Lara Rodríguez - EIT Food

10.30-10.40 | Success Case: a female-led agrifood company

10.40-10.45 | Introduction to breakout rooms

Nestor Etxaleku and Paula Hafner - EIT Food

Part 2: Breakout rooms


  • Breakout room 1: Transforming the agrifood system
    • Melissa Comellas - EIT Food and TBC
    • Moderator: Nestor Etxaleku - EIT Food
  • Breakout room 2: Gender in the agrifood system
    • Lara Rodríguez - EIT Food and TBC
    • Moderator: Paula Hafner - EIT Food

Part 3: Closure & Wrap up

11.15-11.30 | End of session 

Nestor Etxaleku and Paula Hafner - EIT Food


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