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Lisbon Agri Conference

Thu, November 23, 2023
until Fri, November 24, 2023
Centro Congressos Lisboa (Praça das Indústrias 1, 1300-307 Lisboa, Portugal)

Attending the Lisbon Agri Conference its a remarkable opportunity for EIT Food, as it offers a platform for invaluable networking and collaboration. At this event, EIT Food Hub Portugal (BGI), will focus on the strategic exploration of potential new partners and synergies, bridging the essential connections across all sides of the Knowledge Triangle. This includes engaging with regional and national authorities, universities, industrial partners, farmer associations, and other pivotal stakeholders within the agrifood sector.

There are lost of opportunities to identify synergies, sponsorships, and collaborative opportunities. This event provides a unique space to foster relationships that will contribute to the growth and sustainability of EIT Food's initiatives.

The Lisbon Agri Conference, renowned for its role in promoting innovation and collaboration in the agrifood industry, aligns perfectly with EIT Food's mission to drive positive change and innovation across the European food system. 

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