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How is the EIT Community accelerating a sustainable, resilient, and equal future? - EU Green week side event

Tue, May 28, 2024
until Tue, June 6, 2023
Open University of Catalonia (UOC) Hall of the R&I Hub, ground floor, C Building (Rambla del Poblenou, 156, 08018 Barcelona, Spain)

Are you passionate about creating sustainable, resilient and equitable communities? Do you want to know more about how the how the largest innovation ecosystem in Europe is advancing these ideas through their programmes? Do you want to understand how you can get your ideas funded and supported? Then join EIT Community for a morning of exchanges!

EIT Community's program leaders will discuss upcoming 2023 programs, successes and answer any questions that you might have about our initiatives on the New European Bauhaus, Circular Economy, Artificial Intelligence and Supernovas, our series of programs to promote women entrepreneurship. 
Participants and winners of previous calls will share their unique perspectives and strategies for creating sustainable businesses, explain the positive impacts on society, how they overcame challenges and their next steps.  
Plus, Cecilia MoSze Tham will give insightful speech an on how combining the rigor of science with the imagination of design can help us navigate the unknown and create a better future.  

Whether you are a start-up, an investor, a student, a local authority, or any other agents of change: get ready to be inspired, meet changemakers and invest in them! 


About EIT Community

Since 2008, The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) has brought together leaders in business, academia, and research to form Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) dedicated to strengthening Europe’s ability to innovate. While each KIC focuses on a specific topic, the KICs join forces to develop cross-cutting initiatives in areas that are strategic to drive systemic change in Europe and beyond. The goal of these initiatives is to boost innovation, skills development, and job creation – with the belief that together we can create a competitive, inclusive, and sustainable European economy for generations to come. 



This is a free event, but registration is mandatory through this form. The number of participants is limited and you will receive confirmation after registering. For questions, contact



09:30     Welcome and opening 
Prof. Xavier Vilajosana, UOC's Vice President for Research, Transfer and Entrepreneurship, Open University of Catalonia (ES)

09:45     Presentation of the EIT and the EIT Communities
Martine Van Veelen, Director Collaborations Unit, EIT Food (BE) 

10:00     How does the EIT community contribute to a sustainable future? - Panel discussion
Adrian Bablok, Artificial Intelligence Community, EIT Manufacturing (DE)
Natalia Vera, New European Bauhaus Community; EIT Climate-KIC (ES) 
Ignacio Calleja, Circular Economy Community, EIT Raw Materials (DE)
Ana Alcaine, Supernovas Community, EIT Food (ES)
Moderator: Cecilia MoSze Tham, Co-founder & CEO, Futurity Systems (ES)

10:30        Coffee & networking break   

10:50     EIT Community Success stories - Interactive session 

START-Ups session
Anaïs Enrico, International Development Manager, Karos Mobility, (Paris, FR) - AI
Rosa Becerril, CEO, Psiconnea, (Madrid, ES) - AI
Elsa Lomont Cofounder, Ethikis ad civis (St Sulpice la Pointe, FR) - CEC
Geoffrey Eberle, Founder & Partner, NEST Entropic (Barcelona, ES) - NEB
Belen Moreno, Account Executive, Hysilabs (Aix-en-Provence, FR) - SUPERNOVAS

PROJECTS session
Clement Rames, Aqui, Makerspace, (Barcelona, ES)  
Blanca Calvo, Activating Spaces with neurodiverse Publics, Co-Creation of Public Space (Barcelona, ES) 
Raquel Rodríguez Martínez, Boost Mataró Lab, Citizen Engagement (Mataro’, ES)

12:40     Inspirational speech: a glimpse into the future  
Cecilia MoSze Tham, Co-founder & CEO, Futurity Systems (ES)

12:50     Closing words and takeaways  
Martine Van Veelen, Director Collaborations Unit, EIT Food (BE) 

13:00     Networking lunch 

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