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Farm to Fork: Sustainable food production in a changing environment

Farm to Fork: Sustainable food production in a changing environment

Global food supply chains are increasingly encountering considerable problems impacting on safety and sustainability affecting the food industry and reducing consumer trust.

This online course focuses on threats to global food security & consider key challenges which need to be overcome in order to maintain healthy & sustainable food supplies for consumer wellbeing in both the developing and developed world. It examines threats of an environmental, biological or chemical nature that can affect the one health approach to food systems with impacts to soil, plant, animal and human health. Emerging concerns of natural toxins, endocrine disruptors and nanoparticles that can bioaccumulate through the food chain are of heightened interest due to climate change and environmental pollution. The course covers topics including: food integrity, soil & plant & animal health and climate change considering the ethical and bioethical constraints and will examine solutions to ensure food security.

Who should join the course

Students and young people considering a career in the food industry.


The course will have multiple runs in 2019 and 2020.  

Learning objectives and outcomes

Once completed, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the interconnected one health approach to food production from farm2fork
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically assess the range of emerging risks that may be introduced
  • Examine the ethical & bioethical constrains of the food chain: at the crossroads of objects, subjects, regulations, institutions & governments.
  • Pursue a career in research, industry or entrepreneurship related to the food industry sector by showcasing the rising star companies.

How to join the course

This course is available now on FutureLearn:


The following partners are involved in the project


Project team

Dr Katrina Campbell

Queen's University of Belfast

Contact details

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