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Consider our Programmes for Organisations

Enrol your teams in one of our programmes for Organisations

Are you part of a Management Team of a company or organisation struggling to upskill your staff?

As an HR or Training Department, do you want to keep promoting the development your top talent?

Then have a look at our offerings for Organisations.

EIT Food Education Programmes for Organisations are designed to nurture a highly qualified, innovative, entrepreneurial food systems workforce.

The participants from your company will strengthen their problem-solving, critical-thinking, leadership and communication skills. They will go on to empower your company as a leading innovator in the Food Systems industry and help grow your business towards a more sustainable future.

Additionally, a team training will improve the team's motivation and dynamic, boosting performance.

Your employees will receive extensive coaching and mentoring from our international network of experts from a diverse range of academic and business backgrounds.

Participants will benefit from tangible outcomes to create strategic and operational impact for your success.

Furthermore, we offer the possibility for a full consultancy service pack going in depth in your specific Business Case.

Our Certified Professional Education Programmes are delivered by Accredited Providers with proven demonstration of quality of excellence.

You can enrol your teams to pursue a Professional Education Programme as a group, or some of your employees might be interested in joining some courses on an individual basis that either you as a company can fund or at their own expense. Feel free to share our programmes for Professionals with your network.

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Develop your talent with top agri-food players during a paid internship in the EU!
Watch the amazing story of our young entrepreneurs Banabooms.
The WE Lead Food Programme enabled me to visualise the changes required.

"I consider the network one of the biggest advantages of the programme and I plan to continue to make use of it long after I graduate. The Master also made me realise that it’s a huge advantage to gain knowledge across many fields, rather than being a specialist in only one area. The course gave me the ability to look at things from a different, broader perspective and allowed me to assume the position of “dot-connector“ - so finding relationships between stakeholders and between seemingly unrelated things to better solve problems."

- Rieke Sproten - Belgian Student in the Master of Food Systems Programme

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We offer a broad range of Education Programmes.

If you are looking for short-term online courses, check out For Consumers. Are you studying, discover our For Students. In case you are a young or seasoned professional, explore For Professionals. Looking for trainings and development for your staff in your company, consider our offering For Organisations.

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