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Aliga Microalgae is a Danish based food-tech company and leading microalgae producer in Scandinavia. Our focus lies in developing, cultivating and producing vegan, plant-based and protein-rich Chlorella algae ingredients for food, feed and dietary supplement applications. We have recently introduced a newly developed chlorophyll-free, white Chlorella ingredient with neutral flavour and colour make it highly applicable as a plant-based ingredient in a broad variety of analogues-, savoury-, bakery- and dairy formulations.

This innovative ingredient is a vegan non-GMO superfood that only consists of fermented and dried Chlorella algae which naturally contains vitamins, minerals, fibers, proteins, amino- and fatty acids. Its improved organoleptic properties enables application in formulations that previously has not been possible due to the Chlorella’s natural high content of chlorophyll and strong algea flavour.

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