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Meet the EIT Food team

Get to know the faces behind EIT Food. We are a pan-European organisation with colleagues spread throughout our 5 regional offices.

We are very passionate about changing the food system through our work and each of us brings our own perspective to the table; be that expertise in Entrepreneurship, in Innovation, in Education, Public Engagement or in Operations. So, you can either find us working hard within our regional teams or, within these exciting areas!

Management team

Dr. Andy Zynga
Dr. Andy Zynga CEO
Charlotte Knowles
Charlotte Knowles COO
Dr. Paola Giavedoni
Dr. Paola Giavedoni Innovation
Benoit Buntinx
Benoit Buntinx Business Creation
Saskia Nuijten
Saskia Nuijten Communication
Dr. Maarten van der Kamp
Dr. Maarten van der Kamp Education
Regional Directors

Dr. Martine van Veelen
Dr. Martine van Veelen Director EIT Food West
Dr. Georg Schirrmacher
Dr. Georg Schirrmacher Director EIT Food Central
Andrew Carlin
Andrew Carlin Director EIT Food North-West
Begoña Pérez-Villarreal
Begoña Pérez-Villarreal Director EIT Food South
Marja-Liisa Meurice
Marja-Liisa Meurice Director EIT Food North-East
Supervisory board

Jo Van Biesbroeck
Jo Van Biesbroeck Chairperson of the Supervisory Board
Margaret Bath
Margaret Bath
 Prof. Jan Delcour
Prof. Jan Delcour
Prof. Thomas Hofmann
Prof. Thomas Hofmann
Dr. Martin Jager
Dr. Martin Jager
David Shem Tov
David Shem Tov
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas
Bogdan Tyrybon
Bogdan Tyrybon



EIT Food: when, what and why

EIT food is a pan-European partnership. We encourage development of solutions to the biggest societal challenges, accelerate innovation, create jobs and increase Europe’s competitiveness.

Regions and locations

EIT Food has been set up with headquarters in Leuven/Belgium and 5 regional centers across Europe to stimulate innovation, talent development and consumer involvement.

Regional Innovation Scheme

The Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) team focuses on boosting the ability to innovate of countries and regions in Europe that are considered "modest" and "moderate" in terms of innovation in the agrifood sector according to the European Innovation Scoreboard.