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About EIT Food

EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted.

Improving Food Together

Our Mission

We need to future proof our food. So we are on a mission to build an inclusive and innovative community where the consumer is actively involved.

This is achieved through our 6 strategic objectives: 

  • Overcome low consumer trust - supporting European citizens in the transition towards a smart food system that is inclusive and reassuring
  • Create consumer-valued food for healthier nutrition - enabling individuals to make informed and affordable personal nutrition choices
  • Build a consumer-centric connected food system - developing a digital food supply network with consumers and industry as equal partners
  • Enhance sustainability through resource stewardship - developing solutions to transform the traditional ‘produce-use-dispose’ model into a circular bio-economy
  • Educate to engage, innovate and advance - providing ‘food system’ skills for students, entrepreneurs and professionals through advanced training programmes
  • Catalyse food entrepreneurship and innovation - fostering innovation at all stages of business creation

Download our Strategic Agenda for 2018 - 2024 here.

Our Approach

We will achieve our mission by:

  • Creating and scaling-up agrifood startups to deliver new food innovations and businesses
  • Developing talents and leaders to transform the food system
  • Launching new innovative products and ingredients to deliver healthier and more sustainable food
  • Engaging the public so that they can become the agents of change in the food system

Our Community

We believe that we are all responsible for, and connected to, the food that we eat so we all need to work together to improve it​. We are building a unique network of diverse partners that provide a holistic view of the food value chain, including key industry players, agrifood startups, research centres and universities from across Europe, all working together to deliver an innovative and entrepreneurial food sector.

“By bringing all players together, we are building a shared vision for the future of food, and a shared agenda to transform it and make it better”

Our Activities & Impact

If you’d like to learn more about our activities and the impact that our community is having please read our online 2018 Annual Report or download it now.

Let’s create the future of food together!

EIT Food is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) established by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT), an independent EU body set up in 2008 to drive innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe.

Meet the team

Get to know the faces behind EIT Food. We are very passionate about changing the food system through our work and each of us brings our own perspective to the table

Regions and locations

EIT Food is a pan-European organisation with headquarters in Leuven, Belgium, and regional offices in different locations.

EIT Food in your country

EIT Food is local to you. Find out whats happening in your country...

EIT Food Community

There are many different EIT Food activities helping us build a better food system. From innovative food solutions and public engagement activities to summer schools and accelerator programmes, find which one is made for you and get involved!

Regional Innovation Scheme

The Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) focuses on boosting the ability to innovate of countries and regions in Europe that are considered "modest" and "moderate" in terms of innovation in the agrifood sector according to the European Innovation Scoreboard.

Work with us

We are on the lookout for talented people who want to play a part in making Europe a global leader in the Food sector. Does this sound like you?