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Wasteless helps food retailers slash food waste and boost the bottom line, by selling perishable products with shorter expiration dates at their optimal price point through dynamic pricing.

Reducing food waste is considered the 3rd most impactful measure to reverse climate change. 40% of food produced ends up in landfills, making it the single largest CO2 emitter.

Wasteless is a turnkey food waste solution which optimizes food price markdowns based on expiry dates. Wasteless developed a proprietary dynamic pricing algorithm for products with a limited expiration date, allowing retailers to mark off prices across the demand curve. It doesn’t make sense, to pay the same price for a lasagna with an expiration date of May 5 as one with a May 12 expiration.

With Wasteless, supermarkets sell more, waste less and consumers get to choose how much they want to pay for a product based on expiration dates. Wasteless continuously monitors stock levels to alert for out-of-stock. Wasteless recaptures lost revenue opportunities including cost of Food Waste and out-of-stock, decreases labor cost and creates new revenue opportunities by increasing product availability.

In addition to benefiting food retailers and consumers, Wasteless aims to help repair the food system through efficient supply chain management.


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David Kat, VP Business Development