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Orbisk  is  on  a  mission  to  make  the  world  food  system  more  sustainable.  By  using  innovative  technology and AI we provide the food service industry with detailed insights into their food waste. Our smart camera on top of the waste bin, connected to  a  scale,  will  automatically  register  all  food  that  is  being  thrown  away  up  to  the  ingredient  level.  This  helps them reduce waste while optimising their profit margin.

Competences & Capabilities

Providing insight into your food waste:

  • By using image recognition software to register all waste automatically
  • By  providing  detailed  insights  in  how  much  and  what type of food is wasted
  • With  easy  implementation  in  the  current  kitchen  process

Europalaan 2 unit 129, 3526 KS Utrecht, The Netherlands


Olaf van der Veen, CEO
+31 6 45770257