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Novolyze is a Food Safety company, developing and commercializing innovative technologies to help the food industry manufacture safer food, while ensuring strong compliance with international Food Safety & Quality Standards. Our innovative approach to Food Safety relies on the utilization of cutting-edge microbiology solutions, combined with the latest developments in digital, IoT and machine learning.

Our range of biological indicators, SurroNov®, has received multiple food safety innovation awards for its capacity to streamline process validation/verification work and ensure the safety of processed foods. SurroNov® is the first range of dried, ready-to-use surrogate bacteria, to challenge preventive controls for pathogens in industrial conditions.

Our digital offer, FoodSafetyGuardian®, is the first plug & play platform to manage preventive controls for pathogens in real time. It offers an “all-in-one” solution, combining real-time data collection and cloud-based analytical services, to manage process and sanitation controls.


50 rue de Dijon, 21121 Daix, France


Pierre-Olivier Béal, Head of Sales & Marketing
+33 7 81 86 55 63