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Novolyze     is     developing     and     commercialising     innovative     technologies     to     help     the     industry     manufacture safer food and comply with international Food   Safety   &   Quality   Standards.   Our   approach   relies  on  the  utilisation  of  cutting-edge  microbiology  solutions,  combined  with  digital  developments  in  IoT  and machine learning.

SurroNov® is a dried, ready-to-use surrogate bacteria, to  challenge  preventive  controls  for  pathogens  in  industrial conditions.

FoodSafetyGuardian®  is  a  plug  &  play  platform  to  manage  preventive  controls  for  pathogens  in  real  time.

Competences & Capabilities

Novolyze  provides  more  efficient  tools  to  make  the  best decisions related to food quality and safety with a  focus  on  food  processing  systems  (thermal  and  non-thermal technologies) and cleaning & sanitation of food environments.

Our  cross-functional  team  of  experts  can  assist  at  multiple stages of a project:

  • Selection of a new processing technology
  • Optimisation of processing parameters
  • In-plant or pilot process validation
  • Real-time verification of kill step performance

50 rue de Dijon, 21121 Daix, France


Pierre-Olivier Béal, Head of Sales & Marketing
+33 7 81 86 55 63