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EIT InfraBooster promotes effective use of publicly-funded research infrastructures owned by universities or research institutes and relevant to R&D efforts of private sector companies and startups.


Unlocking the hidden value of European research infrastructures

EIT InfraBooster is a modular training program for representatives of scientific organisations that own research infrastructures. It offers capacity building and support in designing infrastructure-based services that could be offered for companies.

You will be able to leverage the existing assets: commercially relevant research infrastructures, skills and knowledge of research teams.

InfraBooster will bring you closer to the industry, increasing the collaboration, international exposure and innovativeness of your institution, and help you establish new sources of revenue.

About InfraBooster

EIT InfraBooster is an educational program implemented as part of EIT Food RIS Public Sector Representatives Activity Line (PSRAL), and crossKIC SRI 2023-2025, a project that has received funding from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, under the Horizon Europe, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.


The program is based on the methodology and experiences of EIT Food RIS Research Infrastructure Network, implemented in 2021-2022 by University of Warsaw, which has led to the successful development of 16 new commercially available services, offered by universities and research institutes from Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Spain.

Geographical coverage

EIT InfraBooster scales up the support for scientific organisations in 2023-2025 and aims to significantly increase the competitiveness and industrial exposure of the scientific organisations in Europe, in particular: in the countries of EIT Regional Innovation Scheme.

EIT Infrabooster will be delivered online using digital tools.

Universities and research institutes constantly strive to enhance the innovativeness, industrial collaboration and societal impacts. InfraBooster offers a unique opportunity to unlock the full potential of research infrastructures and turn scientific expertise into tangible benefits for the society.

Why should scientists join InfraBooster?

  1. Commercially-oriented research: InfraBooster helps scientists use their research infrastructures for industrial R&D. Through training modules and expert guidance, you will learn how to identify market opportunities, understand the strengths of your research infrastructure and start offering research services for potential industrial clients. You will contribute to solving real-world problems and enhance the well-being of the society.
  2. Collaboration and internationalisation: InfraBooster fosters partnerships between scientific institutions and industry, connecting scientists with a global network of innovators. You will gain valuable insights into the needs and challenges of relevant industries to better meet their specific demands. Working alongside participants from other countries, you will benefit from opportunities for knowledge sharing and new scientific partnerships.
  3. Personal and professional growth: InfraBooster will equip you with the skills and knowledge that you need to succeed in the commercial world. You will develop your entrepreneurial mindset and communication skills, leading to personal and professional growth. Last but not least, the collaboration with industry will also offer opportunities to make money from research services.

InfraBooster is an invaluable resource for scientists seeking to maximize the impact of their research infrastructures and contribute towards a more innovative and prosperous society. By joining this program, you will transform your research potential into commercially viable services, strengthen collaboration and internationalisation and enhance your scientific career, while making a positive impact on the world around you.

InfraBooster is also attractive for managerial, technical and administrative employees of universities and research institutes (e.g. research officers, project managers, technology transfer, business development or marketing experts):

  1. Streamlined commercialization processes: InfraBooster provides a structured and guided approach to making money from commercial use of research infrastructures. For your university or research institute, this can save valuable time and resources and increase the likelihood of commercial success. By making better commercial use of research infrastructures, you can accelerate the transfer of knowledge from the laboratory to the market, spurring innovation and societal benefits.
  2. Enhanced institutional reputation: Participation in InfraBooster signals to the research community, industry, and society that your institution is committed to innovation and industrial collaboration. This can enhance your institution's reputation and visibility, promote entrepreneurial culture, attract top talents, acquire external funding and find industrial or international partners for future research projects. By commercializing research infrastructure services, you can better address societal challenges in alignment with your institutions's mission and strategic directions.
  3. Increased revenue streams: InfraBooster helps universities and research institutes generating revenues from commercially oriented services, using research infrastructures. This can provide more financial stability and motivatation to pursue ambitious research initiatives, and also have a lasting impact on society, solve real-world problems and be a source of pride for the institution, its employees and graduates.

Key objectives

  • Identification of “sleeping beauties” - hidden values of research infrastructures and pockets of excellence in scientific organisations, enhancing their access to European markets
  • Establishing new commercialisation pathways for scientific institutions, complementing the traditional technology transfer and spinoff creation;
  • Increase in science-industry collaboration (universities and research institutes initiating collaboration with large industry players, startups/scaleups and international companies);
  • Innovative services, based on research infrastructures of scientific organisations, will be designed and offered to commercial clients (companies);
  • Improved efficiency of public investments in R&D / research infrastructures;
  • Implementing the EIT’s mandate to “increase the entrepreneurial and innovation capacity of higher education across Europe by promoting and supporting institutional change in HEIs and the integration of HEIs in innovation ecosystems”;
  • Synergies with regional/national smart specialisation strategies (RIS3) and EU-level programs aimed at increasing the effective use of research infrastructures, as well as international initiatives aimed at promoting long-term sustainability of research infrastructures (EU/OECD).

Development and implementation

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Project lead

Photo Klincewicz EIT Food
Krzysztof Klincewicz

Activity Lead at EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs and EIT Food RIS Public Sector Representatives

Mansour Esmaeil Zaei

Project Coordinator InfraBooster

Piotr Nawrocki
Piotr Nawrocki

Project Coordinator Government Executive Academy

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Katarzyna Kotowska

Project Coordinator InfraBooster Western Balkans

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