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Citizen science is the involvement of the public in scientific experiments. It occurs when people generate science-based knowledge that contributes to understand and transform the system. It connects people and science, creating a new culture that humanizes science and turns to a more democratic research based on evidence provided by citizens, contributing, in this case, to build a safer, more transparent food system.

The CITIZEN SCIENCE project aims to increase consumer trust in the food system inspiring citizens to become change agents as amateur scientist, in the transition towards an inclusive and trusted food system based on science. This activity will address concerns regarding food integrity which includes food authenticity and safety issues, that are relevant to build consumer trust.

The project will develop gamification activities through challenges that address concerns regarding food integrity (including food authenticity and safety). This will allow people to participate and to be relevant actors in science, to contribute with data, and to work in a collaborative way with scientists to fight main challenges related to trust in the food system.

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Citizen Science to build consumer trust in the food system