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Would you help us obtain a better utilization of the seafood side-streems?

EIT Food South participates since last year in the WaSeaBi project where we are working on creating new ingredients and products from seafood side-streams and thereby obtaining a better utilization of the seafood side-streems.

06 Aug 2020

In connection with the development of new ingredients and products, we want to know how you and other consumers feel about eating foods made from seafood side-streams or foods that contain ingredients made from side-streams. For this purpose, we have developed this questionnaire and we would appreciate it if you would take a moment to fill it out. Please, note that your answers and details will remain confidential.

WaSeaBi is an EU-funded project that aims to develop and test new concepts, which will ensure that side-streams from aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic processing industries can be exploited for production of new products and ingredients.

The current exploitation of the aquatic biomass is much too low. Up to 70 % of the aquatic resources end up as side-streams, which are either used for low-value purposes such as animal feed or disposed of, which is costly for the companies involved. This calls for a more sustainable and commercially attractive exploitation of the fish and other aquatic products. WaSeaBi takes up this challenge.

WaSeaBi is a contraction of the words waste, seafood side-streams and bioeconomy.