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The 10 Selected Entrepreneurs for the Second Edition of EWA Spain are Announced

15 November 2021 South, Europe, Spain Empowering Women in Agrifood Spain, an EIT Food entrepreneurship programme hosts 10 dedicated female entrepreneurs who have projects in the Agrifood sector

The 10 Selected Entrepreneurs for the Second Edition of EWA Spain are Announced

Empowering Women in Agrifood Spain, an EIT Food entrepreneurship programme hosts 10 dedicated female entrepreneurs who have projects in the Agrifood sector, and 10 experienced mentors that are supporting them through this 6-month tailored programme started in July 2021. It consists of trainings, networking opportunities and a pitch day towards the end of the programme that will award 2 prizes of €10,000 and €5,000. The overall goal is to enable and support their business and have a sustainable long-term growth!

The 10 selected entrepreneurs for the second edition of EWA Spain are:

  • Andrea Arias - A Santa Viña: Winery that seeks to recover and produce Galician Tostado wine with low ecological impact and high social impact. Sustainable production, quality employment and women's training in the rural environment.
  • Sofia Furlotti - GASTROCAMPO: Marketplace that connects small and medium-sized farmers, processors and artisans with restaurants and stores. It aims to radically change the food supply system to make it more modern and decentralized. It connects stakeholders directly and reduces negative effects on the climate through the efficient use of resources.
  • Claudia Quesada - LaFuente Vegana: Ecommerce of handmade cured and vegan cheese, made with bio ingredients such as: almond, cashew nut, and natural probiotics.
  • Virgínia da Cunha Borges - Insectorium: Tenebrio molitor breeding farm. Virtually everything is used: the larva, live or dehydrated, is used for animal feed; the frass is marketed as fertilizer; and the exoskeleton is rich in chitin, a substance of interest to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Saray Maestro de la Fuente - Maybein: App that gives a second chance to cancelled and no show reservations by notifying interested customers with a push notification.
  • Begoña Julián - GOXO-RRUBI: Produces and distributes food sustainably. Develops urban and organic agriculture. Contributes to the diversification of local products, with the star product being strawberries. Uses alternative transport systems. Fights against food waste by using the surplus to get other delicious and more durable products (jams, dehydrated fruits…).
  • Verónica Robredo - Plant-Based School: helps people who want to take their eating to the next level by teaching them how to eat a plant-based diet through a meal planning subscription that includes an online course, weekly follow-up, group cooking classes and access to a private community of peers.
  • Inés Carballo - Aitana Espirulina: Producer and Ecommerce of handmade spirulina and spirulina products of the highest quality, produced sustainably.
  • Dulcinea Ortiz - Biofood, naturalmente ®: Trade-educational startup: Rural Network of local organic food, ecommerce with minimum environmental impact deliveries, through efficient EcoRoutes in hybrid van.
  • Laura Franco Gallines Nòmades - Bringing organic egg production to zero waste by processing eggshells to produce egg-based powdered supplements. Regenerating the soil through animal grazing that protects the land from climatic hazards, while producing nutrient-dense food.


  • Taryn Andersen - CEO & Co-Founder Impulse4Women
  • Ana Belen Gallego Martínez - Strategy consultant
  • Gemma Rubio - Founder: Define the Fine
  • Jose Luis Muñano - Sales Director at Plant on Demand 
  • Ana Viñals - Executive coach (CPCC) and Creative Leadership trainer at Siakara
  • Xana Belastegui - Partner at DnA Advisory Services 
  • Lucia Horvilleur - Strategy and Marketing Consultant for Entrepreneurs 
  • Yolanda Diaz - Co-founder of WA4STEAM & Board Menber of WBAF Global Women Leaders 
  • Carme Rayo Lopez - Quality Assurance Manager at Adam´s Food and Professor at ESADE
  • Sara Mediavilla - Digital Manufacturing & Circular Economy Programmes Manager in Europe, Middle East and North Africa at Nestle 


  • 8th of July | Welcome Session
  • 15th of July | Matchmaking
  • 19th & 26th of Aug | Design Thinking
  • 2nd of Sept | Business Strategy
  • 16th of Sept | FUN&FAN San Sebatian
  • 17th of Sept | Masterclass: Communication & Pitching
  • 30th of Sept | Legal 
  • 14th of Oct | Marketing & Sales 
  • 28th of Oct | Team & Community
  • 4th of Nov | Finance & Financing
  • 18th of Nov | Pitch Practice
  • 26th of Nov | Exhibition at Foodture, Barcelona 
  • 27th of Nov | EWA Pitch Day
  • 28th of Nov | Deceleration Day
  • 9th of Dec | Network with EWA Europe 

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