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Our EIT Food booth at Hapje Tapje 2019

21 August 2019 West, Belgium, News Every year, the culinary event Hapje Tapje takes place in the centre of Leuven. The 31st edition of the annual event attracted more than 60 000 people! We were present here as well, just like last year, with our EIT Food booth.

Our EIT Food booth at Hapje Tapje 2019

Our theme this year was called 'Future Kitchen', where we showed that you can also eat very well and healthy by using seasonal and local products. We even offered our own EIT Food mocktails served in green EIT Food glasses!

We also learned a lot from our visitors! We asked them 2 questions:

  • To the question: "If there’s one thing that you would change (in the food world/industry) what would it be?" more than half of them answered that they want to have more vegan and bio products.
  • To the question "How do you feel about packaging? Would you be willing to e.g. bring your own reusable boxes to the store to tackle plastic bags/packaging?" almost all of the answers were positive to reducing and even completely removing the plastic in packaging.

Finally, we were pleasantly surprised to see so many people trying the insect snacks provided by our supplier Nimavert!

We hope the next edition will be as fun and exciting as this year's Hapje Tapje!