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Call for proposals: project implementation with farmers and startups

04 February 2020 Headquarters, South, Cyprus Test Farms is a programme that links agricultural startups with farmers and testing-land to help innovative agritech startups to validate and test their products and services, showcase their businesses to customers and investors and finally support the technological transformation in European agriculture.

Call for proposals: project implementation with farmers and startups

Deadline: 16/02/2020

The Test Farms programme was conducted in Poland and Spain on a small scale last year. On 2020, EIT Food aims at scaling up and take this programme to the next level. To do so we are looking for a new partner to support us with this programme in North-Eastern and Southern Europe. The possible countries for expanding this programme are Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Italy and Greece.

The role of the partner organisation in this project will be to facilitate the network of farmers in Europe. EIT Food will provide the network of startups and facilitate the matchmaking between farmers and 20-25 startups during multiple events throughout the year.

The programme will run from February till December 2020 and will entail the following steps:

  • Scouting for agricultural startups and encouraging them to participate in the programme
  • Identifying farmers and persuading them to participate in the programme.
  • Pre-matching startups and farmers.
  • 3-4 matchmaking events followed by farm visits.
  • Piloting phase up to 1 year.
  • Demo Day at the farm to showcase the results to other local farmers, if tests have been successful.
  • Reporting on the results and impact of the programme.

Please refer to the call for more details.