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International Nutrition Experts meet in Bilbao in the V Innovation Forum

The annual event organised by EIT food was held on the 18th of may at BEC within the Food4Future Congress.

24 May 2022
EIT Food South

What happened at EIT Food V Innovation Forum?

With the aim of developing solutions that boost people´s awarenss and the adquisition of healthier habist that promote pysical and mental health and wellbeing, EIT Food celebrated its fifth edition of Innovation Forum.

This event, which is also supported by the Basque Goverment´s entrepreneurship strategy, brought together professionals from across the value chain to focus on the latest trends and innovations in nutrition change aimed at preventing diseases linked to poor nutrtional habits in the "Silver Population".

Some of the world´s leading experts in the agrifood sector industry were present at the event. The opening of the V Innovation Forum started with Begoña Perez-Villareal (EIT Food South Director) hand in hand with Bittor Oroz (Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Policy of the Basque Goverment). "We have to work all together. Pasion, dreams and talent will lead the future" said Oroz.

The first panel was lead by Harini Venkataraman, an expert from US-based technology consultancy at Lux Research. Venkataraman provided the audience with some of the world´s biggest success cases in personalised nutrition. "Consumers behaviour change is a key component. We have to get consumers to understand what habits they need to change and help them along the way." suggested Venkataraman.

The following panel, moderated by Lorena Savani (Programme Manager Innovation) and with the participation of Amparo Roca (AI Talentum) and Ainara Llona (Eroski) who discussed the introduction to artificial intelligence to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Continuing with the agenda, the issue about healthy ageing and its relationship with food was present in a round table moderated by Lorena Savani and with the collaboration of Isabel Medina (coordinator of the Food Science and Technology area of CSIC), Robin De Croon (Catholic University of Leuven), Abir Jean Mehawej (co-founder of BeYou) and Alice Grønhøj (associate professor at the University of Aarhus). "Not only is important to improve consumers habits, also the quality of the products they consume" added as conclusion Savani.

The following guest, Javier Cremades from BioCost-Porto Muiños, a company from Galicia that promotes the consuption of algae in dialy diets, hand in hand with Lara Rodriguez (EIT Food Project Manager) highlighted the importance of the role of nutrition in promoting healthy ageing to prevent non-communicable diseases.

To close the event on a high note, Barbara Bray, a researcher on the effect of nutrition on healthy ageing, who argues for the need to support the marketing of food not only for babies, children or athletes, but also for older people based on the specific needs. "Healthy ageing is the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age" suggested Bray.

An event where great teachings and knowledge have been shared with the attendees. It is clear that we still have a lot to learn and improve!

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