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Magdalena Kozłowska: NapiFeryn BioTech

Developing plant-based proteins to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

19 Oct 2022

Magdalena is the CEO and Co-Founder of NapiFeryn BioTech. Based in Poland, NapiFeryn BioTech is an EIT Food RisingFoodStar and have developed and patented a technology to obtain food grade proteins from oilseeds. Their primary focus is the ‘waste’, or byproduct, material left over after pressing oil from rapeseed. The rapeseed proteins generated from this process have unique functional properties which make them an ideal and sustainable food ingredient.

Conventional meat production emits huge levels of greenhouse gas emissions and over-consumption can have negative impacts on people’s health. The farming of rapeseed has less environmental impact than conventional meat production and rapeseed is considered a healthy alternative to meat due to its protein content. Byproducts from rapeseed oil production are protein-rich and have a low environmental impact, making them a good plant-based protein choice.