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July 5 event: Re-visioning Vertical Farming!

20 June 2018

July 5th - 7th 2018 ∣ Deutsches Museum, Ehrensaal

Thursday July 5th: 12-5pm∣ Friday July 6th: 9am-5pm∣Saturday July 7th: 9am-3pm

Share with us your vision of vertical farming – an upcoming trend in urban food production!

Demographic and environmental trends are creating new challenges for the agriculture and food sector. The concept of vertical farming is currently one of many approaches towards a responsible food system for an increasingly urbanized population. If you’re interested in urban agriculture you may have already heard of it: plants growing in vertically stacked panels, along vertical areas or on rooftops, in order to grow food locally and to save space in an urban area.

During this three-day citizen participation forum, we invite you to share your vision of vertical farming through images, and to discuss with us the future of local and sustainable food systems. The forum is part of the EIT Food EU-project “Cultivating Engagement: a Citizen Participation Forum on Vertical Farming,” and aims to foster an open dialogue on new technologies in food production. Find more information on our blog. For more information please email

Mascha Gugganig and Laurie Waller

About The Author: Mascha Gugganig and Laurie Waller

Mascha Gugganig and Laurie Waller are researchers at the Munich Centre for Technology in Society. They are designing the participation process for the Cultivating Engagement project, which investigates how growing plants in high-tech urban farms might address sustainable food problems and aims to map public concerns about vertical farming.

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