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EIT FAN Alumni Mycorena collaborates with Lantmännen

This week we are sharing some fantastic news from EIT FAN 2021 alumni Mycorena, who recently announced their collaboration with Lantmännen!

26 May 2022
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Mycorena and Lantmännen will be working together to develop a portfolio of food products based on sustainably produced Mvcoprotein.

For Mycorena, transforming the way we produce and consume dietary protein forms our DNA. Teaming up with Lantmännen Cerealia is an incredibly exciting step for us. Lantmännen represents everything we look for in potential partners; their value chain from field to fork, knowledge, network and brand recognition will be of immense value for Mycorena. Merging our innovativeness with their decades-long experience in the advanced food industry will undoubtedly push our mutual journey into high gear for the benefit of Nordic consumers.

Mycorena Founder & CEO Ramkumar Nair

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