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Nasekomo is the largest manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe of high-quality protein products from industrial rearing of the insect Black Soldier Fly. THe company is pioneering the next-generation model of insect-protein industrialization for insect farms, agro-industrials and waste operators by providing higher value-added insect (BSF) lifecycle management, genetics and technical services while growing production capacity via partnerships and franchising.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Insect protein manufacturing
  • Black Soldier Fly rearing,
  • Black Soldier Fly proteins,
  • Black Soldier Fly genetics,
  • Chitin extraction from insects,
  • Organic residues upcycling through insect bioconversion,
  • Insect lifecycle management,
  • Insect-as-a-service,
  • Black Soldier Fly franchising.

2 Grigor Parlichev Str, Sofia, 1606 Bulgaria


Maria Aleksandrova