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Open Consultation on a Legislative Framework for Sustainable Food Systems – EIT Food Position Paper

EIT Food welcomes the opportunity to provide input for this landmark initiative of the European Commission. As the EU’s leading food innovation initiative, EIT Food would like to stress the critical role that open and inclusive innovation will play in the transition to a more sustainable European food system.

21 Jul 2022

Recommendations for an effective Legislative Framework

It will be crucial for the new Framework to ensure that EU policies and regulations, even when focusing on a specific value chain or segment, are based on a more coherent systemicapproach. Innovation is a major enabler for this transition, but more needs to be done for the EU to be able to leverage its potential in service of its sustainability objectives. To this effect, EIT Food recommends to reflect the following points in the Framework:

    • Empowering consumers and fostering trust in the food system
    • Supporting innovative SMEs
    • Providing farmers with the means and tools to adopt more sustainable practices
    • Addressing EU policy and regulatory barriers to agri-food innovation
    • Developing the necessary skills to drive the transition

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