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Hapje Tapje: Kitchen of the Future

Hapje Tapje is a consumer event and a culinary feast in the city of Leuven. Every year, EIT Food presents innovative ideas, drinks and foods to the general public.


Hapje Tapje is a consumer event and a culinary feast in the city of Leuven. Every year, EIT Food is present at Hapje Tapje with a booth full of innovative ideas to showcase to the general public. The 31st edition in 2019 attracted more than 60 000 people. Our theme was ‘Future Kitchen’, where we showcased delicious, healthy dishes and drinks made form local and seasonal products.

For the event, we collaborated with chef Kenny Bernaerts who surprised the public with a sweet or savory healthy and sustainable snack in sustainable disposable cups from Natural Tableware. We also provided insect snacks from our supplier Nimavert, which many people curiously tried. Additionally, we served refreshing home made mocktails in green re-usable EIT Food glasses in our Jardin Tropical booth.

EIT Food had chosen Master Chef Kenny Bernaerts because of his endless creativity and passion for healthy and sustainable gastronomy. Kenny started his own company specialized in creative food consultancy with which he supports all kinds of projects.

During the event, we ran a poll among visitors to gain insights on their preferences. On the question what people would change in the food world and/or food industry, more than 50 % answered that they want to have more vegan and bio products. 

We also inquired how people felt about packaging and if they would be willing to bring e.g. their own reusable boxes to the store to tackle plastic bags and/or packaging. The majority responded positively to this question and even preferred to entirely remove plastic in packaging.

Project lead

Catherine Breyssens

Programme Manager Business Creation