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Better for the environment, better for my health
Better for the environment, better for my health

Better for the environment, better for my health

The starting point is the clear link between the dietary pattern of consumers and the environmental footprint of these patterns.

The objective of the ‘Better for the environment, better for your health’ solution is to raise the consumer’s understanding of the impact of food production and consumption on the environment and link this with their dietary patterns. Ultimately we want to help consumers shift to new behaviour patterns in their food consumption. To achieve this, we are developing a data platform and software to calculate the footprint, test diet improvement scenarios and link environmental impact to these diets. The product categories dairy and meat are proof of concept of the solution within the 2018 call. In the call 2019 we will extend the software to all categories of the food basket, show impact of the dietary pattern and add interactive, informative and gamification elements to the consumer solution.


The following partners are involved in the project

Colruyt Group

Project Lead

Veerle Poppe

Colruyt Group

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