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Milcoop is a technological and innovative startup, pending B-Corp funded with the scope of developing SaaS solutions in the food retail sector, and focusing on applied psycho-social research projects in the agrifood domain. Our benefit soul makes social and environmental impact a priority, and a positive strategy of arborescent development, for Milcoop itself and for our clients.

Competences & Capabilities

As a pending B-Corp and innovative startup, Milcoop's areas of specialisation are:

  • Software development for the retail food sector;
  • Managerial consultancy for social and environmental innovation in the agrifood domain;
  • Human resources reskilling and upskilling in the agrifood domain;
  • Psycho-social applied research (i.e. in the behavioural consumption domain);
  • Consultancy for other food industries in their evolution toward B-corp.

Via Camillo Rosalba 46F, 70124 Bari, Italy


Milena Marzano, Managing Director