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Results of the evaluation process for contributors to implement Empowering Women in Agrifood – EWA programme

EIT Food has the pleasure to announce that 6 organizations have been selected to carry out activities to build entrepreneurial capacities for women in the agrifood sector for Northern and Eastern Europe in 2022.

02 Jun 2022
EIT Food North & East

About the project

Empowering Women in Agrifood – EWA programme aims to provide in 2022 up to 110 women entrepreneurs across 11 RIS targeted countries with the required knowledge, confidence, support and networking opportunities to meet and exceed their aspirations, leading them to successfully start and develop sustainable businesses.

The programme will run for a period of 6 months supporting early-stage female entrepreneurs and it will seek out and assist women to grow and develop their businesses with a tailored, focused approach that specifically considers the concrete challenges which female entrepreneurs face generally as well as the barriers, which can limit entrepreneurial activity.

Evaluation process

Altogether, EIT Food collected 10 applications from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania.

During the evaluation meeting experts from EIT Food CLC North-East, University of Helsinki, University of Ljubljana and University of Warsaw were present.

Organizations selected are as follow:

 Regional Agency For Entrepreneurship And Innovations – Bulgaria

      RAPIV is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, carrying out its activities in public benefit for stimulating regional economy, through the development of entrepreneurship and innovations. RAPIV provides its support for women under Women Entrepreneurship Centre – Bulgaria run together with Varna Free University.

      Learn more about RAPIV on their web page.

      • CATS2CATS – Czech Republic

          Non-profit organization founded by group of women. The mission of cats2cats is to support every woman not only in Czech Republic. The strongest point of cats2cats is discovering new areas where women are still invisible and bringing the topic of the agrifood area to mainstream society.

          Learn more about CATS2CATS on their web page.

          • Lean Startup  Croatia

            Lean Startup Croatia creates a culture of sustainable entrepreneurship and successful companies through a structured approach in the development of entrepreneurial ideas and startups, using and sharing knowledge, contacts, and experience. “In all projects and whenever possible, we invest special importance and effort in teams led by women entrepreneurs to ensure their ability to succeed. The fact is that women must contend with a wide range of challenges in business. That is why we are looking forward to those projects in which women have achieved significant success and continued to develop their business ideas.”

            Learn more about Lean Startup Croatia on their web page.

            • Pozi Network Zrt – Hungary

              Pozi Network Zrt creates and organizes innovation event and service packages for large companies, universities and organizations. “Founded by experts successful with local startups and early-stage businesses, we have excellent university relationships, a strong international network and an outstanding mentoring team, that can guarantee the success of a project. […] Our initiative to improve on the failings of idea competitions has started in early 2020 and already counts over 1500+ startup founders and 50+ qualified mentors from 60+ countries of the startup ecosystem.”

              Learn more about Pozi Network Zrt on their web page.

              • HELVE – Latvia

                “At Helve, we believe that creativity and innovation are tools used to create a more diverse, prosperous and sustainable future. In practice, our job is to help move new ideas forward, and support entrepreneurs in their road to success.” Helve as a company has established close cooperation with all key startup organisations in the country, as well as several other stakeholders. Successful leveraging of these partnerships has been proven in many previous projects, where Helve has successfully managed to communicate,, attract, engage hundreds of participants from the key audiences. Helve has a team of 10 people, of which 9 are female. As a female team they work actively with other women entrepreneurship ambassadors and media to promote female entrepreneurship.

                Learn more about HELVE on their LinkedIn account.

                • AgriFood Lithuania DIH – Lithuania

                  AgriFood Lithuania DIH is a cluster and Digital Innovation Hub that brings together major research, business and public stakeholders in Lithuania for the common pursuit to transform agri-food sector. The organization itself is organizing more than 300 events annually and is participating as a partner in at least 50 initiatives. Agrifood Lithuania DIH is a part of several international projects under the H2020 framework and has a strong background in projects dedicated to women.

                  Learn more about AgriFood Lithuania DIH on their web page.

                  Visit Empoweting Women in Agrifood – EWA web page and to learn more about the programme and its additional activities.

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