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EIT Food Startup Awareness Event in Bulgaria - December 5-6

25 November 2019 North-East, Bulgaria, News On December 5-6 EIT Food will organise its first ever event in Bulgaria. 

EIT Food Startup Awareness Event in Bulgaria - December 5-6

EIT Food Startup Awareness Event is a two-day program organised by EIT Food and Institute for Agrostrategies and Innovations. The goal of the event is to introduce the local agrifood community to EIT Food and its activities, especially to business creation opportunities available for agrifood entrepreneurs. 

On December 5, the event will bring together members of the local agrifood system as well as young innovative agrifood companies to initiate the discussion about the current state and challenges of the ecosystem in relation to innovation and entrepreneurship.

On December 6, early-stage agrifood startups are invited for a hands-on workshop on business creation during which they will also learn about the EIT Food programs and opportunities for innovative agrifood entrepreneurs.

The program and registration form for EIT Foood Startup Awareness Event in Bulgaria can be found at