Green Biotechnology: ‘Squeezing grass’ to extract mother nature’s own fertiliser

Green Biotechnology: ‘Squeezing grass’ to extract mother nature’s own fertiliser

The industrialisation of the agricultural sector has brought with it a large increase in the number of pesticides we use to protect plants and humans from various diseases. However, these same pesticides can also have a large number of negative health and environmental effects.

With this in mind, Luca Speziga, Founder and CEO Agafert, wanted to demonstrate that you could produce a completely natural fertiliser that was just as powerful as a chemical fertiliser, and with none of the negative side-effects. Now in their fourth year, their technology of ‘squeezing grass’ to extract mother nature’s own fertiliser is being sold in more than 50 countries and farmers have been amazed by its effectiveness. In this video, Luca explains how it all started:


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"Organic means: exactly the same effectiveness as chemical fertilisers"
- Luca Speziga
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