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Food storage: An alternative to single-use plastic in the kitchen

01 March 2019

It’s not just the food in our food system that needs to change, it’s also how we package it. 

To package and protect our food, we produce millions of tons of plastic each year – all which can take 50+ years to biodegrade. The plastic problem is damaging ecosystems on land and at sea at such a worrying rate that the EU have even declared that all single-use plastics will be banned by 2021.

Sensing both the need to tackle the problem and seeing the opportunity, Işınsu Kaya launched Mumo Wrap.

Mumo Wrap produces all-natural, biodegradable and anti-bacterial food packaging to replace single-use plastics. Starting in Istanbul, they are now growing across Turkey and hope to replicate their business in Europe soon.

In this video, Işınsu take you through Istanbul on a journey to discover this new technology:


With EIT Food, Mumo Wrap has received business training and took part in our Innovation Grants competition. EIT Food supports startups at every stage of their development: from ideas to global expansion. Check out how EIT Food can support your startup here.

"We would like the government in Turkey to have better food waste management, like big facilities to make compost out of food waste"
- Işınsu Kaya
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