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Trellis is an industry leader in the agrifood & beverage supply chain AI, addressing and bridging the information gap that leads to loss of value and inefficiency.

The food supply chain – from field to manufacturing plant to end consumer - suffers from massive inefficiencies that result in higher costs, lower quality, and huge amounts of food loss (estimates are over 30%). While agricultural output fluctuates, food manufacturers need to produce at a consistent rate and at a certain level of price and quality.

Trellis is closing this gap by providing the data, insights and forecasts necessary for the entire supply chain, growers to manufacturers, to become more efficient, thereby reducing production costs, improving quality, and significantly cutting food loss.

Trellis AI platform allows the key players - growers, manufacturers, and retailers - to get insights and take actions such as accurately predict crop production and yield, supply chain fluctuations and market trends. It allows them to maximize supply chain efficiency, improve profitability and quality, reduce waste and loss, all with a big environmental benefit.


Yosef Karo Street 30, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


Avishai Kepten, Business Development
+972 58 4444932