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Trellis  is  leading  provider  of  data  and  AI  to  help  vertically   integrated   food   &   beverage   producers   increase  supply  chain  and  manufacturing  efficiency.  With Trellis, AI food industry can connect all the data, insights,   teams   to   drive   ROI,   efficiency,   resource   utilisation and growth.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Food    production    efficiency,    productivity    and    sustainability
  • Real-time  crop  supply  prediction:  yield,  quality,  quantity and cost
  • Predict  real-time  weather  effect  on  supply-chain  and production
  • Ag procurement insights early and accurate
  • Production planning optimisation for quality, lower waste, profit, carbon footprint
  • Food-system data integration and insights
  • Team   of   leading   AI   experts,   agricultural   data   scientists,  applied  researchers,  mathematicians,  and engineers

Yosef Karo Street 30, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


Ilay Englard, CEO & Founder
+9725 23 11 11 56