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Innovopro is the first company in the world to launch an innovative chickpea plant-based protein concentrate under the brand name of CP Pro 70®, adding value to both producers and consumers.

Animal source proteins have unsustainable influence on environment and the food industry is on a quest for a sustainable, reliable, nutritious, tasty, and non-allergenic plant-based protein, which is also highly functional.

Our CP Pro 70®, chickpea protein concentrate is a highly nutritional protein and easily implemented to various food and beverage products, due to its neutral taste and colour, its emulsifying and other functional properties and its ability to replace artificial additives. It extends customers' choices for a new, clean-label, non-GMO and non-allergenic source of protein and brings excellent food-technology properties as well as functionality, health, nutrition, taste and mouthfeel benefits.


Hamesila Rd. 13. 4691500 Rishpon. Israel


Taly Nechushtan, CEO