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Zero foodwaste
Zero foodwaste


Zero foodwaste is introducing the world’s first fully automated food waste monitor. We outfit the food waste bin in hospitality institutions with a scale and a smart camera. The camera runs an AI image recognition algorithm that recognises ingredients from image. Without any effort from the user, this machine registers WHAT and HOW MUCH food is wasted, but also WHEN and WHY. This information can be used to find and optimize the inefficiencies in your food providing process.

By means of action oriented dashboarding we can help you to balance portions, optimize stocking and plan more efficiently. This will result in significant economic value due to savings on buying, personnel and waste disposal + utility costs. Up to €20.000 can be saved annually for an average sized restaurant. Most importantly though, this way food waste can be prevented as opposed to reappropriated, annually saving an estimated 4,000-5,000 kilos of food waste!

Competences & Capabilities

Food waste in the hospitality industry is a major economic and ecological issue. Keeping track of the food lost in your local restaurant is very strenuous and time consuming whilst still resulting in very inefficient data and is therefore hardly actionable.

We quantify the food going to waste by outfitting the waste bin of a restaurant with a weighing scale and a smart camera, registering all waste automatically. Tanglible visualisation of this actionable data will allow a restaurant to start saving structurally and immediately!

Only by employing powerful AI technology, we can ensure absolutely all waste is registered without any friction in a hectic restaurant environment.

Zero foodwaste

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Olaf van der Veen, CEO
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