YuKan’s ambition is to make environmental performance a new criterion for consumer choices and a new lever for development, innovation and differentiation for manufacturers. YuKan is the first technological platform modelling the new method adopted by the European Union for calculating the environmental footprint (PEF guide), in the form of an online application accessible to all manufacturers, even those without any environmental (LCA) expertise. With Yukan, you can determine the current level of performance of your products and, above all, discover in an interactive way the explanatory factors of this performance and the levers to optimize it. You can also get started an online eco-design action plan using the application of eco-design working by dynamic simulation.



86 Rue Olivier De Serres 75015 Paris

CLC: West

Country: France



Christophe Girardier cgirardier@yukan.eu
+33 6 45 75 19 98

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