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Ypsicon    is    a    technology-based    company    with    headquarters in Barcelona. Its activity is focused on the  development  of  new  technologies,  as  well  as  on  the  design  and  manufacturing  of  components  and   equipment   for   the   food,   pharmaceutical   and   cosmetics  industries.  Ypsicon  commercialises  three  patented  technologies  on  a  global  basis  which  have  great  potential  for  the  beverage  industry:  Ultrahigh  pressure   sterilisation/homogenisation,   Ultraviolet-Thermal pasteurisation and UV-C bottle sterilisation.

Competences & Capabilities

Main areas of specialisation and technological expertise are:

  • Food technology development
  • Design  and  development  of  equipment  based  on  its patented technologies
  • Sterilisation of pumpable fluids (beverages, liquid foodstuffs, etc.) by means of continuous ultrahigh pressure
  • Pasteurisation    by    means    of    combination    of    ultraviolet  light  type  C  and  thermal  treatment  at  moderate temperatures
  • Sterilisation  of  bottles  by  means  of  ultraviolet  type  C  for  aseptic  bottling  (no  chemical  products  are used during the process)

Cerdanyola del Vallès, 08193 Barcelona, Spain


Leo Moreta
+34 933 133 237

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Pressure for healthier and more natural fat-based foods (underPRESSURE)

Consumers are increasingly demanding healthier products to fulfil their personalised nutrition needs and more natural foods (clean label) in which they can put their trust. Both are nowadays key and challenge drivers for the food industry.