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Xnext is an intensive knowledge scale-up company, that produces and develops the most advanced inspection systems available today, to perform in-line real-time safety & quality control: XSpectra®. In a few milliseconds, we are able to identify any kind of contaminant, foreign body (even low density) or defect in bulk or packaged products for a Zero-Defect Production. We are currently active in Italy and France but going through a rapid international expansion.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Detection of defects currently undetectable, including low-density FBs (plastics, wood, insects)
  • Detection of very small high density FBs
  • AI Self-learning software set and trained for each specific application
  • Fully customizable machines (HW/SW), possible integration with other technologies (check weight, visible/NIR inspection)
  • Reduced false alarms
  • Real time chemical-physical analysis of each product
  • Zero-Defect Production: IoT feedback and data for end-to-end plant control

Via Valtorta 48 Milano, 20127 Italia


Fabio Pelosi