Whole Surplus
Whole Surplus

Supported by UNDP to reach its Sustainable Development Goals, Whole Surplus provides the first digital holistic technology platform to manage food surplus. Prioritizing solutions according to Food Recovery Hierarchy, Whole Surplus creates a unique marketplace for donating surplus inventories, recycling and reselling of surplus and data analytics for reducing waste at the source.

One third of the food produced for human consumption in the world goes to waste, mainly by inefficient inventory management, logistics operations and high-quality requirements of the food sector. Companies have difficulty getting insight on their shrinkage, or they don’t know how to manage it.

Whole Surplus creates an ecosystem for food businesses to manage all their unsold, surplus inventories from one digital platform. We streamline our clients' operational field work with a 3-pillard recovery upcycling process: (1) sales marketplace where companies can sell their surplus to other parties at discounted prices, (2) donation module to create the biggest social value out of surplus and (3) recycling module (primarily animal feed and biogas production) to manage waste in an environmentally responsible way with guaranteed low cost and full traceability.

We act as our customers’ surplus management department, digitalizing all surplus management solutions and providing a transparent, traceable one-stop marketplace.

Whole Surplus

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Olcay Silahlı – Co-founder & CEO olcay@wholesurplus.com
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