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ThorIce  has  developed  a  revolutionary  system  to  kill  harmful  bacteria  on  poultry  meat,  without  using  any  chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

The IceChill and IceGun technology solves a worldwide food problem caused by the current inefficient cooling in  the  poultry  processing  industry  using  Ice  Slurry  as  a chilling medium, as it is eco-friendly, non-poisonous and can be transported and applied to any location in the factory.

Competences & Capabilities

  • IceGun: fully in-line solution made to complement existing  chilling  lines  to  improve  their  efficiency,  achieve   more   rapid   chilling,   and   keep   overall   chilling costs to a minimum
  • DeConIce:  highly  efficient  method  for  dramatic  reduction   of   Campylobacter   on   chicken   skin,   which  might  secure  decontamination  of  e-coli  and salmonella and as such become a new “state of  the  art“  food  safety  solution  for  the  poultry  industry

Ocean Cluster House, Grandagardi 16, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland


Thorsteinn Ingi Viglundsson, Managing Director
+354 820 0038