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As an Expert in Ag Data, Thegreendata tackles major challenges for Food Processors, Cooperatives and Banks thanks to the new services we design and build with them.

Create value, detect process and data opportunities with our industry-specific methodology. Empower your teams to better handle their current tasks and equip them for tomorrow’s challenges.

From carbon emissions and environmental concerns, to logistics and farm financial performance, our Data Approach is 360°.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Ag Data Expertise: Analysis, Valorization & Valuation
  • Food Industry-specific Consulting: Service Design, Opportunity Detection
  • Food Industry-specific Technical Services: Data Modeling, KPIs, Engineering & Data Science
  • from pilot projects to industrial deployment
  • SaaS Tools: Data Platform (MAIA), Data Vizualisation (Dashboarding), Business Intelligence, Decision Support Tools
  • 360° Approach to Data: Finance, Accounting, Agronomy, Industry, Environment

CAE Clairmarais, 9 Rue André Pingat Reims, 51065 France


Benoît Briault
+33 6 18 24 56 53